Construction elevator lift call button

Construction elevator lift call | call button WPE820

WPE820 is the construction elevator lift call button for display panel WPE1300G, it is well design call button suitable for building site environment. It can highly accommodate to the change of temperature and humidity. It is also a rainproof design call button.

Feature of call button

1. Two key call button up and downconstrubtion lift call button wpe820c
2. Custom label accepted
3. Detachable stand
4. Led indicator
5. External antenna, super long range coverage up to 1500 meter. Anti messy code
6. Accommodate change of temperature, humidity. Super Security and stability
7. Register code reversibility


Technical parameters

1. Size: 86mm X 43mm X 15mm
2. Weight: 68.4g
3. Material of shell: PC (From Germany)
4. Color: White or Orange
5. Life of button: million press
6. Number of call button: 2
7. Frequency: 433Mhz
8. Output: 20dB uV/m
9. Frequency offset:0.5Mhz
10. Coverage: 1500 in open area
11. EMC anti: High
12. EMI compatible: CHN standard
13. Lift of battery: Alkaline Battery 12V 33mA, 3000 times press or 12-18 month and can be replace.
14. Rainproof design



Equipment for Construction elevator call

Call button WPE820

Construction elevator lift call button wpe820c


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