restaurant pager system smart pager w16c

Restaurant pagers system w-11tk

wireless paging system w-11tk has been proven to reduce walk away, raise satisfaction, increase profit . It can work as restaurant pager in restaurant, hospital pager in hospital. In fact, it is suitable for any kinds of service industries including  clinic, hospital, healthcare, retail, cafe, spar, golf center etc.   At the same time, it is a very easily to use system. If you know how to use the mobile phone or camera, it is no problem for your self to handle this pager system.

How to use this pager device?

Press the button to register the pager. When client is queuing for their service, the stuff will issue one  pager. Customer can walk around for shopping, talking while waiting for their order. When order is ready, stuff will press the related number to page the customer, and inform them that their order is ready. At the same time, the client will be alerted by beep, flash and vibrate of the pager. Once the client return, the pager will be given back to the stuff.


(Transmitter w-11tk)restaurant pagers restaurant paging system transmitter coaster pager

1. Frequency 402-470Mhz
2. Power Output 0.5-2W
3. Data connect type: 232
4. Module deviation: +/-4.5K FSK
5. Power input:7.5-12DC

(coaster pager w-11cp)

1. Frequency :402-470Mhz, PLL,Pocsagcoaster pager restaurant pager paging system
2. Alert ways: Sound, Viberate, Led.
3. Out of rang alert, low power alert
(coaster charger w-01c)

charge station

coaster pager charger, can charge 15 coaster pager max

Benefit of product

1.Improves customer service
2.Do not disturb neighboring tables
3.Simple operation
4.Increase Profits
5.No Waiting Around
6.Find guests faster


1.1. High quality system

2. Coaster pager water-proof.

3. Longest range: up to 800m, with signal booster, can up to 2km

4. Out of range alert, low battery alert

5. Client can be alert by sound, flash, vibrate.

6. One transmitter can support up to 1998 pcs coaster pager

7. w-11ct can also received message from w-11tk

8. w-11tk can link to computer, and edit message information to w-11ct

restaurant pager guest paging system long range system coaster pager w-11tk

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